Welcome Duffers

This website, in all its glory, is dedicated to the millions of duffers around the world that would love to break ninety just once before they move on to DUFFER HEAVEN! Golfing there is like golfing on the moon. Even as duffers we will be able to drive the ball over three hundred yards with a nine iron!

Here on earth, the good news about being a DUFFER is that we don’t have to come up with a hundred different excuses of why we played so rotten on any given day! The duffers we smack  the ball with do not expect anything different! However, on occasion I meet up with someone, on the tee,  that thinks they should be a member of the PGA. You know the type…..The ones that throw their clubs, pound the ground, and some that even break their clubs when they duff a shot! These are the ones that actually think they are golfers! As I mentioned earlier, they just hit the ball like most DUFFERS that I play with.

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A friend of Henry’s dies suddenly. A week later, he comes back to tell his friend how great Heaven is.

“Henry,” he says, “you won’t believe it, but there is golf in Heaven.”

“That is wonderful!” Henry replies.

“Don’t be so thrilled,” his friend tells him. “You have a tee-off time scheduled for Saturday.”

A Duffer Has An Advantage Over A Fisherman. He Doesn’t Have To Produce Anything To Prove His Story! See my fishing website: www.greatlakestrollingflies.com
What is a “duffer?” In most cases it is a is a person that hits a golf ball on a golf course that never breaks ninety. A colloquial or slang term for a mediocre or poor golfer. The term can be derogatory, but often isn’t. If you say, for example, that “most of the golfers who play this golf course are duffers,” there’s nothing really insulting about that. After all, for most public golf courses, the majority of golfers on it will be mediocre to poor players (higher handicappers, in other words). However, if you call a good golfer – a low-handicapper – a duffer, then the term becomes derogatory. And woe unto him who makes the mistake of referring to a golf pro as a “duffer.”
Duffer is somewhat synonymous with “hacker” in that they both apply to weaker players. But hacker is the stronger, more derogatory term. Although in my opinion, a “HACKER” is a person that thinks of themselves as a golfer, but in reality is nothing but a duffer like most of us…..

Follow me as I bring golf to the world from the slightly jaded and completely twisted perspective of a golf lover that talent forgot. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a very fun ride! So buckle up and hold on tight…this goes out to all you Duffers Like Me.