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Driving as far as we can requires all the energy we can muster! Shafts breaking & splittingĀ 

is something we can not control! However, what CAN HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN…..


Making the cut and advancing into the next round of a 1968 tournament save Ken Venturi from a fiery death.

Venturi had booked a seat on a flight out of Houston just in case he faided to make the cut. The pro put together

a round good enough to keep him grounded for a least one more day. Hours later, the plane for which Venturi

held a ticketĀ tragically crashed, killing all on board.


Tragic accidents! Two players that got the shaft:

In 1951, Edward M. Harrison was playing alone at the Inglewood Country Club in Seattle when he broke the shaft of his driver.

The split shaft pierced his groin. He tried to reach the clubhouse but could not make it. He finally collapsed bleeding to death

100 yards from the 9th hole.


In the summer of 1963, Harold Kalles of Toronto, Canada, was mortally wounded when his throat was cut by a golf club shaft

that broke against a tree as he was trying to play out of a bunker,



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