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Tiger thinking past his time!

Tiger: “It’s important for me to have more than 18 majors when all is said and done. It took Jack his whole career to achieve it and mine is not done yet. I believe that I have a very good record for 20 years on the tour. The main thing is to get fit and to reach my 40s with good health to be as successful as Vijay, who won most of his tournaments at that age.”

It’s hard to believe anything Woods has to say these days. He entered last season saying he felt healthy, but before you knew it he was withdrawing from the Farmers Insurance Open with back pain.

It seems obvious that when ever he has a bad start, he seems to suddenly get another one of his several injuries, yet when things are going great, he seems to roll right along!

Last June  he committed to the Open, but in September he’s underwent the second microdiscectomy surgery on his back and dropped out!

Now he’s spoon feeding us some garbage about a “tedious and long” rehab and suggesting he could miss the entire 2015-16 season. He says he wants to “reach [his] 40s with good health,” yet nothing in the last five years suggests that his health is in any way improving.

Guess he has to keep the GOLF CHANNEL guessing to help keep their ratings. When will he just admit it? It’s time to retire!

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