“The most exquisitely satisfying act in the world of golf is that of throwing a club.”— Henry Longhurst

Back in 1934 at the U.S. Open at the Marion Cricket Club, Bobby Cruickshank blew his approach shot at the 11th hole. The ball fell short of the green and into water. As luck would have it it landed on a rock in the water and bounced onto the green. Mr. Cruickshank got so excited he threw his club high in the air and shouted, “Thank you,Lord!”…Again as luck would have it, his club came down and landed directly on his head. His playing partner Wiffy Cox came over and counted him out!

Henry Ransom once hit a shot from the beach at Cypress Point. The ball rebounded off a rock and drilled him in the stomach. “When they start hitting back,” he sighed, ” it’s time to quit.”

Once again proving what can happen will happen!

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