DUFFERS think that “On The Clock” means nothing more than keeping track of  Pro golfers slow play. True enough, but there is more to it than that!

Playing Slow:

There is no set time limit for slow play!  Rule (6-7) With a predetermined time limit defined by a committee, the penalties escalate for each infraction up to disqualification. Only an official can determine if a golfer’s play is unduly slow. Golf courses would be empty if duffers followed PGA rules…..

Starting times are sacred for pro golfers and the penalties are severe if they screw up!

Fact: According  to Golf Digest, the great Arnold Palmer never missed a starting time in almost six decades as a pro!

You might be thinking so what! Well, as duffers we could care less and most of us didn’t even know there is such a rule! However,  if Palmer  had showed up more than five minutes late, the penalty would have been disqualification!  The only exception to this rule (6-3), is a serious medical condition. Under five minutes late there is a two shot penalty in stroke play and loss of a hole in match play. When you consider all the tournaments Palm played in over the sixty years, it almost seems like an impossible feat. I call that dedication, and his commitment to the game he so loves.

Looking for lost balls!

Many duffers might end up with a tons of extra strokes added on to an already rotten score, if they went by PGA rules.  The Pro Tour Rule (27-1c) says there is a five minute time limit looking for a lost ball, with a one stroke penalty for an infraction.  I ‘ve seen duffers take as many as fifteen minutes!  When they are a hole ahead of me,  I normally  just go around them. Some times they have the nerve to get pissed off! Women and older Seniors are famous for being the ones at looking for lost balls. It is extremely aggravating at times and I have gone as far as telling the culprits to knock it off!

For balls that hang on a holes edge, it must drop within ten seconds for it to count

Rule (16-2) Timing starts the moment you arrive at the ball. If  the ball falls in after ten seconds, there is the normal stroke that is accessed.


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