The PGA Tour!

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There is only one thing from keeping me off the PGA Tour:

“T A L E N T”

I think there should be a  DGA  (duffers golf association)

You put in more time. More rounds. More instruction. Custom-fit your clubs. Analyze your game with a glove, without a glove. Keep season-long tallies of all your greens in regulation, drives in the fairway, number of putts, sand saves, scores in your blue shirt, your red shirt, your green shirt until one day, all of a sudden, for no reason, you will not be able to hit the ball.

Sure, there will be occasional contact, but the swing, the “I am a Man of the seventies and I don’t mean the decade” swing you have perfected, studied, researched, carved from stone, sculpted into something seemingly everlasting, will be gone! 

What does this all mean? Some say it is just the nature of the game of golf! Some others will say that you are older and just are not as flexible as you used to be. Still others will say so what, you are still a good golfer.

Like an aging athlete possessed, you will go back to your second home, the driving range, and hit bucket after bucket. after bucket. Beating the balls deep into the night in a quest to find that thing that is no longer there. Your golf buddies and friends, trying to be helpful will make comments and suggestions, and confusion will reign.

In reality, you finally resign yourself to the logical conclusion that it is what it is and there is little you can do about it.

Maybe you should give some thought to stop fighting it and just “GO FISHING” instead….

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