Has Tiger Left His Tank!

 “Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter.” -Tiger Woods

Nothing will help Woods regain what he meant to the golf world after what he did to his family and all of his fans. He is nothing more than a professional porn star that plays a great game of golf. It is beyond me why any large corporation still wants to endorse him, and I sure would not want any one in my family to be part of his foundation for kids!

The sporting Media still pretends that Tiger Woods is a hero  and an upstanding person  for fear their ratings will fall! Ignoring the truth is the way of big money in todays society. Look what it has done to our Government? Well, don’t get me started!

Hear is a comment someone made about Tiger Woods that does a nice job of telling it like it is:

images 12All the crap posted below is nauseating. Tiger saved the game? From what? He cheated on his wife, he cheated on the course and he cheated investors in Dubai out of millions. That is his legacy. He brought so much unnecessary B.S. to a game that brought us The likes of Jones, Hogan, Palmer. There have been horrible role models in golf besides tiger, John Daley comes to mind. But none with the playing stature of woods. He just didn’t try to stand up to the ideals of the other greats of the game. Maybe his father needed to spend more time on other things than golf with him. I’ve followed him only once on a course at TPC Boston. Three F bombs and copious spitting. My daughter and I left his group after only four holes. Do you want to see Tiger at his best? Search google for the Brittish Open montage of his behavior on multiple holes in 2009 compiled by the network. The best moment at the end is when he spits into the wind and it comes back in the air and lands where it belongs.


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