Why Dimples On A Golf Ball

This is what it looks like to hit a golf ball with no dimples

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

If you’ve ever looked at a golf ball, you’ve probably wondered: Why are those dimples there? And what would happen if they weren’t?

As Titleist explains in this video, it all has to do with aerodynamics. Dimples help the ball fly through the air because they help put spin in the ball. If a ball doesn’t have any spin, it travels forward like a half-inflated balloon, subject to any and all outside interferences. If a ball only has dimples on one of its sides, it’s practically impossible to hit the ball straight.
In case you don’t believe us, Titleist ran this experiment as proof:
Dimples on the left, no dimples on the right.
Dimples on the right, no dimples on the left.
No dimples anywhere.
According to Nick Nardacci, Titleist’s aerodynamics expert:
“A lot of people think a ball without dimples will fly further. Conversely its kind of like a knuckleball, it really doesn’t know where it’s going, it’s predominantly driven by drag force.”


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