Duffer Or Clubs?

We as duffers have probably heard this many times: The game of golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course…..The space between your ears! 

Did you know that for many duffers and beginners that space between your ears has been filled with lies, myths, distortions and out and out B.S. ?

Every year, when new clubs come out, duffers by the thousands rush to their favorite golf shops in hopes that they will find a new magic club  that will make them hit the ball farther. Well, some sales people will try to get you to think that the clubs you have been using are wrong, and that the ones being advertised or suggested are the ones you should purchase, especially the name brands with extra high markups!

Every golfer on the planet is obsessed with distance. If golfers aren’t trying to add the latest driver to their bag for some distance help they are spending time at the gym trying to bulk up, switching golf balls for some added roll or trying to change their golf swing in hopes of booming it past their playing partners.


This article actually happened to a duffer that was being ripped off:

 There are definitely plenty of cases of retailers using bogus calibrated launch monitors to help them sell clubs.   Of course I don’t know where you were so I’m not suggesting for one minute that this was the case. However, consider this.   A guy with a wad burning a hole in his wallet goes around trying clubs, hitting balls etc and arrives at a place with a “coach”, a launch monitor set to “silly distances” and a load of trial clubs.   He starts hitting a club that he likes the look of, and after a tip or two and a bit of sweet talk from the “pro”, the monitor’s telling him he’s suddenly blasting the clubs 20 yards further than he ever has.   And of course there’s a great deal to be had on these clubs if he wants to leave a deposit today.

3 weeks later, the guy’s on his home course, and surprise surprise, he’s hitting the same distance as before, but he’s five hundred bucks lighter with a new set of bats. That is the point of having dodgy stats.

Now of course it’s probably more likely that the machine is just innaccurate through no fault of the people using it, however it’s fairly common knowledge amongst those who either study these things or have used a LM for work, that 83mph with a 6 iron doesn’t get anywhere near 200 yards on a November evening in blighty.   Purely off the top of my head I would guess at around 155 to 160 ish – that could be wrong but I don’t think it would be too far away.

So you think that you don’t have the right clubs to make you a good golfer? I here all the time from duffers that their clubs aren’t suited or fit them correctly.  They make remarks like “the pro’s have clubs custom made, and that is why they can golf so well”.  However, I think it has very little to do with you not golfing the way you want. That is just one of the hundreds of excuses duffers use when they play like crap!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every year on new clubs, why not invest  the money and  learn how to swing and grip a golf club correctly! Please don’t think I am any different! I’m guilty of the same delusion…..I’m forever buying clubs that I think will make me better player.

Well folks, I now think that the clubs you are using have a small part in way you golf, or should I say “Hit The Ball”!

I recently smacked the ball with a father and son. The boy was about eight years old, and not real tall. I’d say he was about four foot eight or so. His driver looked to be the size of my three wood, and much shorter. Before he hit his 1st drive, I remember thinking that it was going to be a long, long day….. As it happens he was out driving me and was  reaching  four hundred yard holes in two. His swing looked like he had been golfing since birth and  It was quite embarrassing!  His father was about as good as his kid was as well, and it made me feel like a big helpless hundred year old duffer! Perhaps you have been there and done that at one time or another.

It only reinforced my belief that clubs, the size and age of the golfer has little to do with how far a person can it a golf ball. Surely a three year old could not reach a par four in two if he had a bazooka. Although, I think a person with average height  surely could with a proficient swing.  



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