Pitch! Don’t Bitch…..

Image result for golf swing to hard picsAs duffers, when we get within pitching wedge distance of the green we tend to make three mistakes: 1. We tend to put too much weight on the left foot 2. We play the ball too far back 3. Most of us swing too steeply.

The thing to remember, we are not pros, so stop trying so hard to take a divot! Some of the BS we read and see on golf videos is that to become a good golfer, you need to learn how to take a divot.

  Try doing this: Move the ball to the middle of your stance and balance your weight over both feet. This shallows your attack angle, helping to hit the ball off the turf instead of digging in.

Another thing: Try using other clubs, like a nine, eight or seven iron, so you don’t always have to swing out of your feet. A smooth weaker swing is better than always trying to knock the daylights out of the ball.  This has helped me a great deal!


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