We could fill a bus with everything that has been said & written about putting. The newest grips, practice stuff, and zillions of how to articles & video’s. Well, here is another tip to add to the bus, I read in the November 2016 GOLF Magazine written by Justin Rose, a fantastic putter. It’s simple and to the point. Here it is in his own words:


To be the king of the greens, you must start your putts on the right line. I roll in plenty of birdies, especially under pressure. I credit a drill I’ve used the past few seasons. It instantly fixes a misaimed putter face. Here’s how it works:


STEP 1….. Point an alignment stick at the hole on a straight putt. Set your putter behind the stick, and aim it straight down the rod.

STEP 2….. Look down at the putter and trace a line with your eyes to the hole.

STEP 3….. You may feel like you’ve misaimed. You haven’t! Adjust your posture until both the stick and the putter face point straight at the cup. PERFECT AIM!

Most duffers, including myself, don’t golf enough to make a big difference. However, what he said makes sense. Maybe you will cut your enormous score by a few strokes, so give it a try.


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