BE HAPPY! Snap Your Transition

Swing Like Happy Gilmore!

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You have a problem swinging  your driver as fast as you would like?  Your swing is not dynamic, and  worse yet, you never seem to get your weight on your right side in the back swing!

Snapping the club from the top will immediately make you feel more dynamic… will notice a lot more life in the club as it speeds through impact!

You have tried everything under the sun to get a few extra yards on your drive, why not give this a try?

Golf Happy Drill:

  • Put your feet together and take your normal address position.
  • Swing back then step forward toward the target with your left foot as you near the end of your back swing.
  • SNAP the club back into impact. Using the momentum of the step to “SNAP” the club down from the top without stopping your motion. Think “FAST TRANSITION!”

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