Double Overlapping Grip!

Double Overlap: Jim Furyk

If Jim likes it, so will you!

It  is essential as DUFFERS to always have an open mind! Here’s one you probably have never heard of:

Most high handy cappers (duffers) use what is called the Vardon Grip, or overlapping grip, with the little finger of the right hand placed over the forefinger of the left hand.

Most of us will add distance by using a “Double Overlapping Grip”, with the last two fingers of the right land overlapping the first two fingers of the left. This grip forces you to swing at a pace you can handle and improves timing of the swing in turn delivering more distance to your shots.

When the hands are spread apart on the club, you generally have more club head control but can not generate as much club head speed. This double overlapping grip acts as a more efficient hinge. Ideal for duffers with small or week hands or who have arthritis in the finger joints.

No doubt you have tried just about everything to increase your driving  distance! Just give this grip a try, and if it isn’t for you just go back to your old grip.


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