Ever since you first became interested in playing golf you heard the expression ” DRIVE FOR SHOW, PUTT FOR DOUGH”!


As DUFFERS, that expression goes out the window! If you can’t drive for show, you surely can’t putt for dough, so who’s kidding who?

 On par 4’s and 5’s duffers have all they can do just to get on the green in two or three, even with a straight  long drive! It still takes a good 2nd or 3 shot!  Then once you are on the green it ‘s time to SHOW off and drain your putt.

However,  no matter how good your short game is, there’s a scoring ceiling that relates to distance. You need length and accuracy off the tee to give your short game the chance to post good numbers.”

Truly the drive for duffers and most Seniors is the most important shot to even break 100 on most regulation golf courses.

 There’s a direct correlation between longer, straighter driving and lower scores. “This is a reality check for those looking to reach the next level, If your typical drive is 220 yards, you’re shooting in the 100s or 90s, and maybe the 80s. But you’re not in the 70s.

Your short game is important to scoring—just not as important as we think. “You should definitely practice chipping and putting, but what really separates the pros from average golfers is hitting it a lot straighter and farther. So working on your full swing, and on avoiding those awful shots, is a great way to save strokes.

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