Look for Hank Haney’s video selling used rubbers to carry golf balls!

This man will say anything to sell anything!

 In a recent video put out by the hypocrite Hank Haney he clearly states that it drives him nuts that instructors only talk about the golf swing!

What the hell is he talking about? He makes a living by selling video instructions of how to swing a golf club?
Indeed he was trying to sell his video about how to manage play on any golf course! What better way but to  knock videos about the GOLF SWING!

If he really is so sick and tired of people selling videos about “The Golf Swing’ Just stop buying his!!

What really pisses me off as a duffer: Just how can you manage playing on any golf course unless you have an efficient swing? Well, I guess just say anything to sell an instruction video is what it is all about.

This is what they said about the BS artist in the same video I’m referring too:

Hank’s students have won every major tournament in professional, amateur and junior golf. He’s coached more than 200 touring pros, including Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods, whose 48 wins and 6 Major championships (while Haney was his coach) is widely considered the best stretch of golf ever played. Now Hank shows you how to leverage your body’s own mechanics to unlock the distance and accuracy potential in every SWING.

Here is a sample of how the greed merchants make their living:

“Enter your email address to receive 10 detailed golf lessons from Hank Haney, including access to a 28-minute long swing makeover where an amateur golfer added 70+ yards to his average drive after just one lesson.

You’ll see the proof, plus get practical lessons to cure your slice, add real distance off the tee, and much more to make YOU a better golfer as quickly as your next round. For FREE……..

This the sort of ad that makes me sick!


If there is anything that would make a duffer sick is greedy suckers like Hank Haney trying to make a buck off of gullible inexperienced duffers and some others that buy everything they see on-line!


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