Duffing Confidence

Some people live, dream and shit golf! They purchase every course or book on the game of golf and are definitely fanatics and not just fans. However, people that have a fanatical love for the game are not necessarily going to play well, which is the case with most duffers. Instead of buying books and courses, these ball striking duffers should take some lessons instead! There passion will only increase when they can hit the ball and place it where they want, at least some of the time. There is only one way to become a GOLFER! Learn a repeating swing and practice, practice and practice some more! There is no other way…..

You’ll always want to use clubs that have more loft rather than less unless you’re good enough to deal with less loft angle. Driving clubs are made with angles that call for more or less expertise with hitting them. Any good golf shop will have people working there who can straighten you out and point you in the right direction.


You know what loft means, and it’s just getting your ball airborne so it travels farther. How you hit the ball is everything and clubs cannot control what you do, but these clubs will help you as much as they can.

Playing Golf With Confidence

All smart and good athletes know the value of warming up before they begin training. The same principle applies to golfing or practicing at the driving range. Don’t start out by seeing how far you can hit the ball by crushing it. Starting slowly with wedges is the best way to get loosened up, before moving on. Before you start swinging the club hard, for a while just swing half way. Then move on to the middle range irons with a little more swing, etc. Keep hitting these irons until you are hitting with good speed and you feel good. To finish your practice, the driver is just sitting there waiting for you.

Your ability to drive the ball off the tee will impact your game, so read and learn how to practice this swing. The main thing that matters more than anything is technique and just don’t try to kill the ball. You want a full and smooth motion throughout, and you can practice that without hitting any balls at all. Be careful going into the wind-up so you don’t twist your back so suddenly. You need to pay attention to your balance and want to keep it all the time when swinging. You might think that you can pick up a golf club and start playing without warming up because you are young and agile, but you shouldn’t do that. Spend some time on the driving range before you begin your round on the main course. Just try this and you’ll be amazed with how well your game unfolds.

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