Visualize Your Favorite Pro


While your golf swing is an act performed mechanically by your muscles, all that motion….conscious and subconscious….is controlled by your mind!

Sometimes you even amaze yourself by hitting a great drive or recovery shot by being able to imagine and visualizing  the exact flight of the ball hit by your favorite pro.

As duffers, most of us have a pro golfer that we really like and follow.  Personally, I like Jack Nicklaus! Not just because he is the greatest golfer ever, but he is also a nice person. His book “Jack Nicklaus The Full Swing”, is one of the best instructional books ever written. Although, he isn’t active on the PGA tour any longer, there are tons of his instructional videos and articles you can study.

To activate this ability to visualize, simply picture in your mind your favorite pro making a perfect swing. Try to let your imagination sense the power and rhythm of the stroke as well as the path of the swing itself. Now make your shot and just try to mirror your own imagination. It takes practice, but soon you can see yourself hitting the same great shots as your favorite pro. An added benefit to this drill is that when you are visualizing positively, there is no opportunity to think negative thoughts.

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