Relax! Have Fun…..

Relax! Golfing should be fun, not work!

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It was a rainy day, with winds up too 20 MPH and temperature in the fifties. Needless to say, it was a lousy day to be out knocking the white pill around!

Anyway, I paid my green fee and went to the 1st tee. Standing there were two younger guys waiting to tee off. I asked if I could join them…..Cool they both said! So we had a threesome…..

The taller of the two guys (Jim) teed up and made a swing at the ball that made a breeze in my face! The ball started straight and ended up about 260 yards out in the woods to the right. I could not believe what I saw next: Jim took his club and preceded to bust it over his knee! I was afraid to say anything for fear he might throw an club or ball at me. Then what happened next was even dumber than breaking his club. He took out an iron ( I think it was a three iron). Teed it up, and took a swing, so hard, he actually missed the ball! Then he threw the club in the woods to the right.

After seeing this, I decided to ask the other golfer, (Bob) if  I could just let them go ahead of me. Well, red faced and cussing his ass off, Jim got back in their golf cart! Bob sent one out about 250 yards in the middle of the fairway.

At this point, I really did not even want to follow, or even be near these two jerks for fear of my life. I went back into the club house, got s refund and went home.

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